Ministry of Education

▪ Electronic Engineering Department


  • To produce skillful and innovative electronic engineers with professional ethics who are capable of socio-environment for state and region.


  • To nurture well educated engineers with fully knowledge and skills
  • To produce all-around electronic engineers especially in leadership, innovation and creative thinking to meet the needs of social environment
  • To build better teaching learning environment for on-going process such as offering job opportunities, communicating with companies, industries and stakeholders to provide work experience in the field of work and study
  • To carry out the achievement of certification of the standard education and quality assurance by the relevant committee

Quality Objectives

To achieve the vision, mission of the Department of Electronic, Technological University (Sagaing),

  • To achieve at least 75% of the pass rate of students.
  • To achieve at least students’ satisfaction and suggestions according to the ISO 9001:2015 and quality objective of TU (Sagaing).
  • To implement Outcome Based Education (OBE) with effective plans and functional objectives of respective subjects.
Dr Ei Ei Toe
Professor & Head
Technological University(Sagaing)

Organization Chart

NoNameRankDegreePhone No.
1Dr. Ei Ei ToeProfessorPh.D (Electronics)09-422203189
1Dr. Naing Lin AungAssociate ProfessorPh.D (Electronics)09-43059355
3Daw Khin San MyintAssociate ProfessorM.E (Electronics)09-798649280
4‌Dr. Phyo Phyo AungLecturerPh.D (Electronics)09-259058274
5Daw Khin Moh MohLecturerM.E (Electronics)09-796325786
6Dr. Aye Min SoeLecturerPh.D (Electronics)09-401673734
7Dr. May New Myint AyeLecturerPh.D(Electronics)09-457274946
8Daw Thiri SweLecturerB.E (Electronics)09-400421636
9Daw Myint Myint KhaingLecturerB.E (Electronics)09-250472667
10Daw Khin Mar SweLecturerB.E (Electronics)09-789364681
11Daw KhaingAssistant LecturerM.E (Electronics)09-798708562
12Daw Su Pyae HlaingAssistant LecturerB.E (Electronics)09-43002236
13Daw Mya Thidar WinAssistant LecturerB.E (Electronics)09-402697419
14Daw Hay Thi TunAssistant LecturerB.E (Electronics)09-400420623
15Daw Tin Tin ThawAssistant LecturerB.E (Electronics)09-444669463
16Daw San San HtayAssistant LecturerB.E (Electronics)09-252518550
17Daw Lay Nway HnaungAssistant LecturerB.E (Electronics)09-256107674
18Daw Wut Hmone KyawAssistant LecturerM.E (Electronics)09-5261434
19Daw Saung Noe Noe AyeAssistant LecturerB.E (Electronics)09-400474368
20‌Daw Phyoe Mon Mon OoAssistant LecturerB.E (Electronics)09-961356732
21Daw Tin Tin WaiAssistant LecturerM.E (Electronics)09-974531322
22Daw Nilar TunAssistant LecturerB.E (Electronics)09-402589892
23Daw Wint Wah PhuDemonstratorB.E (Electronics)09-427994846