Ministry of Education

▪ Civil Engineering Department


To produce good engineers who meet the requirements of engineering ethics and conform for workplace


  • To prepare required curriculum and syllabus for getting model technical skills that are appropriate for the workplace.
  • To enhance assistive teaching-equipment to become familiar with the practice.
  • To implement teacher’s effective teaching-learning process.
  • To cooperate with outside stakeholders for practical skill of students.


The Strength of Civil Engineering Power, the Development of Myanmar

Dr. Hla Myo Aung

B.E. (Civil),MTU;M.E.(Civil),YTU;

 Ph.D.(Civil),MTU & TU Kaiserslautern, Germany;

1Dr. Hla Myo AungProfessorPh.D Civil09-444002920
2U Hla Soe NaingLecturerME Civil09-400465745
3Daw Chan Nyein Moe Oo NgaeLecturerME Civil09-797699951
4Daw Thandar HtunLecturerBE Civil09-401562936
5Dawv Than Than SoeLecturerBE Civil09-259085355
6Daw Aye Aye ThinLecturerBE Civil09-400305406
7Daw Su Myat AyeAssistant LecturerME Civil09-400469123
8Daw Kyi Pyar KhaingAssistant LecturerME Structure09-793978303
9Daw Kyu Thet KhaingAssistant LecturerBE Civil09-256189085
10Daw Kay Thwe SoeAssistant LecturerBE Civil09-773057397
11Daw Khaing Thidar KyawAssistant LecturerBE Civil09-403858958
12Daw Win Win MawAssistant LecturerBE Civil09-401503255
13Daw Hmwe Hmwe KyaingDemonstratorBE Civil09-789892816
14Daw Su Myat SweDemonstratorBE Civil09-2401977
15Daw Aye Mya ThidaDemonstratorBE Civil09-976226267
16U Kyaw Soe MoeDemonstratorE.T,E.C09-400411715