Ministry of Education

▪ Engineering Chemistry Department


To assit in the development of Engineering Chemistry Concepts to graduate qualified engineers needed for the country.


(1) To graduate qualified engineers from Technological University(Sagaing) with the knowledge of Engineering Concepts

(2) To enable students to get satisfaction with the understanding from teaching and learning in the subject of Engineering Chemistry from Engineering Department at Technological University(Sagaing).

Quality Objectives

To get at least 75% pass rate in the subject of Engineering Chemistry Department at Technological University (Sagaing)


Let’s study the concept of Engineering Chemistry to improve technologies

Dr. Thida Win
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Engineering Chemistry
SrNameRankDegreePhone No
1Dr Thida WinAssociate ProfesserPh.D(Chem)09690448442
2Daw OhnMar AyeLecturerM.Sc(chem)09770427874
3Daw Thein Thein HtwayLecturerM.Sc(chem)09400410922
4Daw Phyo Hsu WaiAssistant LecturerM.Sc(chem)09791439670
5Daw Tin NILar WinAssistant LecturerM.Sc(chem)09972776566