Ministry of Education

▪ Engineering Physics Department


To produce a generation of creative engineering students who are well-educated with basic Physics and are able to use the knowledge in their own respective field or subjects.


-Every teacher will need to acquire their respective subjects / module continuously to be able to teach all the students efficiently.

-All the engineering physics first year students must follow the University’s rules and regulation and get full attendance.

-Students must be well understood to the specific lessons and be able to solve the exercises by themselves.

-Students must be able to learn and interested in all practical lessons which connect with theories.

Quality Objectives

Minimum percent rate of the exam result for all the first year students must score at least 75% in Engineering Physics subject.


Let’s study Physics to be great and excellent Engineers.

Organization Chart

Teacher List of Engineering Physics Department

SrNameRankDegreePhone no
1Daw Sapal AungAssociate ProfessorM.Sc(Engg:Phys)09-402631913
2Daw Maw Maw SanLecturerM.Sc(Phys)09-783226881
3Daw Khin Than Than MyintLecturerM.Sc(Phys)09-958566711
4U Phyo Ko Ko MyintAssistant LecturerM.Sc(Phys)09-400476046
5Daw Sandar OoTutor/DemonstratorB.Sc(Phys)(Hons)09-68351551