Ministry of Education

▪ Mechanical Engineering Department


To create good quality engineers using high creativity technical enhanced from the region to the country.

Quality Objectives

According to technological of TU (Sagaing) Quality Policy Standards ISO 9001-2008, to Achieve at Least 75% Success rate for Undergraduate students.


  1. To Provide effective etching in combination with practical skills.
  2. To strive for systematic and effective research innovations such as research and Projects.
  3. To improve the quality of the students by studying in connection with industrial manufacturing and inviting experts form inside and outside the country to hold the seminar and workshop.

Action Plan

  • To be develop the skills of teaching staff.
  • To teach and train with the student center teaching method which make the learner more intrusting in.
  • To teach the theory and practical until reach the applicable level.
  • To hold the seminars and workshops intend the development of knowledge inviting the professionals from national and international.
  • To make the students internship and field trip to industrials


“Qualified mechanical skill towards developments”


SrNameRankDegreePhone No
1U Pauk PaukAssociate professorM.E(Mech)09-797681200
2Dr. Aye Mya MawAssociate professorPh.D(Mech)09-2052772
3Daw San San YiAssociate professorM.E(Mech)09-795771030
4Daw Yin Yin AyeLecturerM.E(Mech)09-401614491
5Daw Lwin Lwin OolecturerB.E(Mech) ပေါင်းကူး09-79228554
6Daw Hnin Yu HtaylecturerM.E(Mech)09-400476046
7Daw Zin Mar NweAssistant lecturerB.E(Mech) Q09-767576383
8Daw Thegi Min SanTutor/DemonstratorEGTI(MT)09-428182042
9U Kyaw Zaw HtetTutor/DemonstratorB.E(Mech)Q09-953332820
10Daw Phyo SandarTutor/DemonstratorB.E(Mech)Q09-404489440
11Daw Hla Chaw YinTutor/DemonstratorB.E(Mech)Q09-792676836
12U Thein Lwin OoMiddle classLaboratory Technician(5)09-699143726
13U Soe ThulecturerLaboratory Technician(5)09-256058057